• The miracle of Smolenice

    A lot of peace and harmony, natural beauty, without stress or tasks.

  • Harmony of Modra

    Healthy mind the a healthy body

  • Reveal the beauty of Carpathians

    EN Máme pre vás pripravený deň plný poznania, krásnych výhľadov, nádhernej karpatskej prírody, mierneho adrenalínu, ale hlavne nezabudnuteľných zážitkov.

  • Winter in the Carpathians

    The nature is asleep, but we’re wide awake.

  • Survival

    Don’t be alarmed, it won’t resemble Ultimate Survival; we want to give you an authentic experience.

  • Company triathlon

    Do you love running, bicycling and enjoy swimming? Then this is something just for you.

  • History of the Carpathians

    We’ll take you back in time, so you can explore the history of the Carpathians

  • The gourmet dining

    We offer you a gourmet experience in the bosom of nature without you having to care for anything.

  • You and the Carpathians

    Ask us what you can do for the Carpathians.

You and the Carpathians

Ask us what you can do for the Carpathians

  • Season: spring, summer, autumn
  • Duration: 1 day (8 days)
  • Location: The Little Carpathians
  • Number of people: 15 and more participants

In today’s fast-paced world, only very few people have time to stop, think about their lives or to ask themselves how they could help somebody else, or do something to make this world a better place, just because they want to do it. In cooperation with Mestské Lesy Bratislava, respective Carpathian forestry associations and tourist guilds, we prepared for you a day, where we can give you an answer to this question.

Under our guidance and strict safety rules, you will experience a day, after which you will feel very good and every time you remember it, you’ll get a wonderful warm feeling in your heart.

We can begin with collecting trash in the woods, plant a few trees, continue with collecting the old and dry twigs, then maybe improve the layout of wells and clean them. We can also repair or build new shelters for tourists, marking the hiking trails, repairing the hiking paths or fixing food for the wild animals.

There many great possibilities to choose from.

The level of energy and financial resources you want to invest into this is completely up to you. We will prepare delicious food for all our volunteers, as well as some good beer, which will definitely hi the spot.

Programme includes:

  • bus transportation do the Caprathians and back
  • tools, gloves and everything you’ll need for the chosen jobs
  • collecting the litter
  • all material needed
  • refreshments
  • shelters
  • a thank you gift for every participants


The overall price of the programme depends on many different factors, such as the number of participants, food requirements, drinks and the length of the programme. Nevertheless, we will send you the estimate based on your specific details.