• The miracle of Smolenice

    A lot of peace and harmony, natural beauty, without stress or tasks.

  • Harmony of Modra

    Healthy mind the a healthy body

  • Reveal the beauty of Carpathians

    EN Máme pre vás pripravený deň plný poznania, krásnych výhľadov, nádhernej karpatskej prírody, mierneho adrenalínu, ale hlavne nezabudnuteľných zážitkov.

  • Winter in the Carpathians

    The nature is asleep, but we’re wide awake.

  • Survival

    Don’t be alarmed, it won’t resemble Ultimate Survival; we want to give you an authentic experience.

  • Company triathlon

    Do you love running, bicycling and enjoy swimming? Then this is something just for you.

  • History of the Carpathians

    We’ll take you back in time, so you can explore the history of the Carpathians

  • The gourmet dining

    We offer you a gourmet experience in the bosom of nature without you having to care for anything.

  • You and the Carpathians

    Ask us what you can do for the Carpathians.


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