• The miracle of Smolenice

    A lot of peace and harmony, natural beauty, without stress or tasks.

  • Harmony of Modra

    Healthy mind the a healthy body

  • Reveal the beauty of Carpathians

    EN Máme pre vás pripravený deň plný poznania, krásnych výhľadov, nádhernej karpatskej prírody, mierneho adrenalínu, ale hlavne nezabudnuteľných zážitkov.

  • Winter in the Carpathians

    The nature is asleep, but we’re wide awake.

  • Survival

    Don’t be alarmed, it won’t resemble Ultimate Survival; we want to give you an authentic experience.

  • Company triathlon

    Do you love running, bicycling and enjoy swimming? Then this is something just for you.

  • History of the Carpathians

    We’ll take you back in time, so you can explore the history of the Carpathians

  • The gourmet dining

    We offer you a gourmet experience in the bosom of nature without you having to care for anything.

  • You and the Carpathians

    Ask us what you can do for the Carpathians.


This concept was created because of many reasons. We are a full-service event agency. Our portfolio comprises of all parts of the event planning business, however our hearts remain connected to nature and enjoying its surroundings.

We love the mountains, the smell of the woods, cold streams and the God-like perfection, which can be seen in the fauna and flora.

Therefore all the products – events which we offer, always include all of these elements, or at least reference them. Slovakia is a beautiful country with many mountains, be they large, small, high or low. However, it is believed that all this beauty can be observed best in the High and the Low Tatras. The Tatras are wonderful, but we needn’t always take the long journey. Sometimes, the most beautiful things and places are right beneath our noses. And that is the reason why we created this project – THE STORY OF THE CARPATHIANS.

We want to tell you a story about a SMALL LARGE MOUNTAIN, which protects Bratislava on the Northern side.

There are many gorgeous nooks, viewpoints, surprises, protected phenomena, great food, friendly people and historical gems.

Take a trip with us and explore the Story of Carpathians. And take your colleagues, so you’re not alone…